OCR Launches Full Scale HIPPAA Audits in 2015
Are you ready for a HIPPAA Audit?
Secure Data Consortium provides EMR/EHR services for:
Secure Data Consortium provides IT support specifically tuned to health care providers.  We have over 4 years experience designing and implementing practice management sorftware. When you choose SDC enhancing the efficiency of your office is the goal. Improving care is the outcome. Whether you have a solo physician practice or multiple physicians/locations, Secure Data Consortium is the one stop shop for all your technology needs. Let us ensure your practice has a smooth transition to a digital enviroment. Contact Us Today for a free analysis of your practice..
  • single and multi specialty practices
  • dental practices
  • physical therapy practices
  • rehabilitation centers
  • surgery centers
  • hospitals
  • home healthcare companies
  • nursing home facilities
  • long term care facilities
  • clinics
  • health and wellness centers
  • radiology centers
  • chiropractors
With the 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) the U.S. Government established privacy rules that regulate the use and disclosure of a patient's health care information. Healthcare practices of all sizes can benefit from Electronic Medical/Health Records, which is a system for storing, organizing, and maintaining patient records. The digital format greatly simplifies the management of patient records by providing a central point of access to each record and giving you the information you need quickly. Collaborating between multiple departments and offices and even other healthcare institutions is much easier and faster, improving response times and patient satisfaction.


Healthcare IT Special
Privacy Rule Gap Analysis
Security Rule Gap Analysis
Vulnerability Assessments
Yearly Risk Assessments
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Bundled Price: $3750

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The results of the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) pilot audit program shows:
  • Small covered entities had more issues than larger ones
  • Heath care providers had more problems than plan or clearinghouses.
  • Security is the largest problem.
Secure Data Consortium provides
  • HIPPAA Privacy Rule Analysis
  • HIPPAA Security Rule Gap Analysis
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Yearly Risk Assessments
  • Meaningful Use Attestations
Benefits of EMR/EHR
There are many day to day benefits of an EMR?EHR system that is operating correctly and efficiently. They are:
  • Improve access to patient data, comply with industry regulations, operate more efficiently and reduce administrative costs 
  • Streamline processes within your healthcare facility with digital medical records to improve collaboration and secure acess to patient medical information or quality by applying proven processes and methodologies.
  • SDC is committed to meeting the unique needs of your practice.
  • Save Time and Money. Stop tracking down or consolidating records or waiting for changes made to medical information, and greatly reduce the overhead that comes with paper records.
  • With an EMR, any changes in medical records can be seen immediately no matter who will be looking at them.This is especially beneficial when a patient is seen by multiple practitioners in the same afternoon.
  • EMR eliminates the costs for transcriptions, and reports can be compiled with the press of a button.
  • HIPPAA compliance
  • We also assist in common problems encountered by practices on a day to day basis.
The HIPPAA calls for covered entities to adopt and document policies and procedures in compliance with the Security Rule as well as establish a risk analysis and management process that includes yearly risk assessments.

Secure Data Consortium Healthcare IT Solutions develops  practice wide policies and procedures for HIPPAA Security Rule compliance providing security and data loss prevention, HIPAA compliance, business continuity, storage and infrastructure management designed to assist healthcare organizations in protecting their business-critical systems and sensitive data. We can help you to prevent loss of healthcare data without impacting clinical workflows, maintain secure 24x7 operation of critical IT systems, protect against malware, and automate processes to meet HIPAA compliance needs.

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