Looking to Secure your Organizations Data? 

Looking to Secure your Home Network ? 

Concerned about Randsomware Attacks? 

Secure Data Consortium is your answer. 

Secure Data Consortium (SDC) is a Provider of World Class Information Security Solutions. SDC has performed Risk Assessments, Continuity Planning, Data Loss and Prevention intervention and Systems Architecture Design for Internet and Intranet Banking Applications for Fortune 500 companies.

Secure Data Consortium also provides Vulnerability and Penetration testing of Networks and Web Applications looking for such exposures as XSS, SQL Injection and other vulnerabilities.

Principal Secure Data Consortium personnel hold some of the highest recognized certifications in Information Security:

• Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
• Certified Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP)
• Certified in Risk Information System Control (CRISC)

The experienced staff at SDC protects critical infrastructure from internal and external threats. Using established federal and international protection standards, we conduct comprehensive analysis of information technology and communications, federal, state and local government.

SDC develops security measures to protect people, data, equipment, systems, facilities, and other assets from a wide variety of threats, vulnerabilities, and risks. As part of our analyses, we examine a site's design, emergency response readiness, staff training, access control, intrusion detection,  power and fire protection. We also address industrial control systems and information technology security to prevent intrusion, unauthorized access and use, modification, disruption, or destruction. 

Business Services

• Security Consultation
• Risk Assessments
• Web Application Testing
• Network Penetration Testing
• Data Loss and Prevention

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Secure Data Consortium is a Provider of World Class Cyber Security Solutions. We have performed Risk Assessments, Continuity Planning and Systems Architecture Design for Internet and Intranet Banking Applications for a number of high profile clients. We can assist you with the following IT Security needs:

Every home netowrk has it's own unique challenge Secure Data Consoritum can customize a solution that's perfect for you. Helping to keep you secure while meeting your technology needs. 

Home Network Services

• Network Profiling
• Network Hardening
• Device Inventory
• Setup Offsite Data Backup

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Have Regulatory Concerns? 

We are a professional services provider of Information Technology Data Protection and Systems Integration Solutions. With over 20 years of both public and private experience providing custom solutions for various industries (healthcare, financial, pharmaceutical, insurance, retail and regulatory compliances (HIPAA, PCI, SOX, GLBA)

What to Expect from SDC

We'll work with you to evaluate your data landscape and create a game plan for managing and securing it. Secure Data Consortium will conduct rapid, comprehensive information risk assessments to accurately define your company's security posture. Our assessments are customized to the size of your business and to your type of industry. You can rest assured we will provide the services needed in a professional and comprehensive manner.

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